Our Services

Multi-South is a full-service Property Management company that handles all aspects of your investment in order to simplify the process of being an owner. Below are the services we feel form the basic foundation of the relationship between the Property Manager and the Owner:


Property Management and Promotion

Determine appropriate rental rates and any concessions for rentals, in consultation with the owner

Prepare and place all advertising Take applications for rental, performing background and credit checks on prospective tenants

Negotiate and sign leases for rental Collect rental and other income, including past due income collections

Maintain a rent roll and tenant records in an electronic format

Renew leases and negotiate rent increases at renewal

Determine necessary services and contracts for maintenance for the property, and solicit bids and negotiate contacts for those services

Provide tenants with access to management personnel at all times for repair and emergency needs, and respond timely and appropriately to those requests

Monitor property expenses, and make adjustments or recommendations for improvements to keep expenses as low as possible while maintaining the property in its best condition

Perform all duties necessary to provide the level of care and condition required for the property


Property Renovation and Repositioning

Review the Property before purchase to establish the costs of any deferred maintenance that should be considered

Supervision of all renovations in house in order to better facilitate the process with as little impact on resident life as possible

When available, use known third party contractors to perform the renovations at a discount to typical market costs

Track progress of work on all renovations

Preparation and submission of any lender required documentation related to deferred maintenance items and capital improvement projects

Prepare an estimate for any capital improvements that are being considered after purchase with consideration given to return on investment of any such improvements

Budget and Financial Reports related to renovations


Property Staffing and HR

Recruit and hire the necessary employees for management of the property, based on property size and need

Perform background checks and drug tests on employees at hiring and drug tests randomly during employment

Supervise and train employees

Counsel or terminate employees when appropriate

Provide all payroll functions, including filing all necessary tax forms and paying appropriate tax and insurance deposits

Employees would be employees of Multi-South Management Services, not of the property or the owner

Provide health insurance and other benefit options to employees


Property Financial Management

Perform all payroll accounting, using an outside vendor

Perform all bookkeeping, including timely payment of all property expenses out of owner funds

Monitor property taxes, appeal when appropriate, and pay out of owner funds when due

Preparation and submission of any lender required documentation related to escrowed reserves for Non-Capital related repairs

Provide monthly financial reports, in a format as requested by owner

Prepare an annual budget for the property, considering all physical needs and conditions, market conditions, and owner directives

Secure proposals for insurance and bind coverage


Property Reporting and Owner Support

Meet with owners as necessary, either on a regularly scheduled basis or as requested, to provide property information and receive direction

Provide timely and correct financial reports

Listen to what we hear, doing our best to interpret and apply that to the operation of the property to provide the best possible results for the owner

Provide reports on material events and circumstances, as necessary